Skip Rhudy

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Trim Tab


Trim tab hole cleaned up. Tested fitting of the servo control arm with the hinge piece that attaches to the trim tab. Made sure it moved 40 degrees down and 20 degrees up.

Started cleaning cylinders. Noticed that machining for 3.0L had reduced bottom cylinder step to ~ 1mm in some locations around the the cylinder where head studs are located. Posted question to WW Flycorvair for clarification of acceptability.


Cleaning cylinders. Editing “A Micro History of Corvair Flight Engines”. More cleaning, finished right hand side cylinders. Then servo work and reading about aircraft electrical wiring.


Masked off engine short block and painted the head studs black because they are prone to rust when nekkid.

Watched Homebuilt Help vid on setting up the Ray Allen trim tab servo. 3 Episodes Full Metal Alchemist with my eldest daughter. Cool animations. She’s an artist you know. Then Blue Highways. Something I’ve neglected.