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Corvair Short Block

I puzzled over it. I looked at the way the chain hooked onto the two eye bolts screwed into the top of the engine cover. How it looped through the crane hook. I jacked up TZero and twisted her this way and that, slithered her around, but no joy — no joy. I could not figure out how to get my short block from my workbench onto the engine stand without risking all. Well, there are many reasons I decided on a Corvair engine to power my CH750. One of them is WWFlycorvair on facebook. I posted my question and waited. Pretty soon the phone rang. It was my Corvair angel — ringing me from Corvair Central Command.

Even though I’m sure I’m probably the ONLY person currently on the planet who did not know how to do this, I now present what I learned in the hopes it may help others with similar predicaments, even if they haven’t been born yet (especially if — like me — they work alone). This procedure should work generically, for Corvair motor, for VW motor, etc. No need for tragedy to “unfold” on the shop floor with loud bangs, broken parts, and lot of cursing and screaming.

So, this: