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Corvair Piston / Cylinder

I spent a fair bit of time reviewing the SPA Corvair Engine Assembly Manual before setting to work on assembling the pistons / rods / rings / cylinders. I reread the main section multiple times. It wasn’t like work, but it was not as fun and putting the instructions and theory into practice a few days later. I did make a change in how I approached assembly from the SPA manual, because I don’t like ring compressors very much and William Wynne has a great Tech Tip Video showing how a piston with the rings mounted can be inserted from the rear of the VW cylinders used for the 3.0L Corvair motor I’m building. But before that I had to organize the parts. All of the production job run numbers and part numbers are being recorded for the engine log for future maintenance and track back to materials sourcing.

Piston / Cylinder Parts