Skip Rhudy

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Worked on my slats. The parts supplied are different than the drawings. In particular the slat support piece which is shaped differently, and the skin has two slots instead of one. I’d looked at the plans carefully and looked at the parts, and figured and scratched my head about how to make the L-angle properly. I followed the Homebuilt Help video method and drilled #20 holes in 120 mm long L-angle and … presto! It didn’t fit. The more I looked the more I started to suspect that the new slat support did not need an L-angle fabricated¬† to match the rib. Hmmm.

When in doubt, call Zenith.

Roger was off flying (what kind of job is that, anyway?!) and instead I talked to Steve. He said that in fact the new slat support design did not use the L-angle shown on the plans. New plans are in development but I forged ahead since it was obvious how the pieces were to fit together. Behold:

slat and flap tips

New titanium tips.