Skip Rhudy

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There are reasons that William Wynne strongly recommends trying to find a rotating core. I’ve had a rotating core in the past. And I disassembled it. It was quite usable in all the ways: From the crankshaft to the cylinders and to all the other ancillary stuff. But I wound up giving it away. With […]

Corvair head bolt nut about to be heated with flame

V It was a tough Corvair core. At one time I’d had three, but I’d sold them for a pittance. The first one I’d disassembled came apart with relative ease, almost as though it had been pulled from a running car for an overhaul. I had reasons: “I’ll never fly again.” “I’ll never build a […]

N4951A takes off -- no curse!

I It must be some kind of weird curse — random in your face reality when you decide to do something that has more element of risk to it than just sitting on a couch watching TV. Like, why was it that whenever I got interested in flying and then did something about it was […]