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To be able to see these:


Which are the case studs and the nuts that the heads are torqued onto the cylinders and case with. Luckily TZero looks in pretty good shape. Disassembly soon.

But what I’ve been spending my time on mostly is this absolute wonder:

This manual — the product of intense focus and genius — is the brilliant work of William Wynne, who’s been developing Corvair flight engine conversions since 1989. Not only is it a technical document of extraordinary value, but Mr. Wynne spices it with exhortations, sharp warnings — and years of A&P wisdom. This book is more than a conversion manual for Corvair engines, though, it’s a conversion manual for life. Check this:

“By choosing to build your own plane, accepting and managing the risk, you are making a giant course correction from a life consigned to “the cancerous discipline of security.” The next time you tell someone that you are building your own aircraft, and the first thing out of their mouth is how they would never build one nor fly with you, just think of (this): “In the worship of security we fling our lives beneath the wheels of routine — and before we know it our lives are gone.” That is what is going to happen to all the people with a long personal list of things they would never do. If you are persistent in pursuit of your dreams, your place isn’t going to be among those who expended their lives relentlessly looking for security.”

“Make your choice. If it sounds scary, it’s because consumer society has had decades to teach you to doubt yourself, your potential, your dreams and abilities.”

“Building a plane and learning to master its maintenance and flight is the rejection of these messages, and the replacement of them with the knowledge that you are the master of your own adventure. This is what building and flying is all about.”

Build time: .5 hrs, 2.5 hrs total