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Once the guys at John’s Salvage had pulled the core for me I took my garden trailer over to the junkyard. I found two guys struggling to put a chain onto the motor so they could put it in my trailer. I got them to stop what they were doing and brought my trusty hand truck into the building.

“Let me get my Corvair Engine mover”, I said.

I then put the hand truck next to the motor, lifted it up, and slid the truck blade under the bell housing. It tipped up easy and rolled straight up the ramp into my garden trailer, where I set the engine down. It’s heavy at 230 odd pounds, so I didn’t bother strapping it (though if I were going on an Interstate I would have):

tzero ready to head home

This is what a 50+ year old core looks like.

a corvair engine code

The engine code stamped into the case