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I got out to John’s Salvage Yard in Seguin looking for a Corvair core. I had found some cores a decade ago — and had pulled them apart successfully. But those I’d given away for next to nothing. Craigslist was coming up cold, as was facebook. I did want to get moving on a Corvair build, and I figured even if the core didn’t turn that was okay because I was wanting to do something with a core motor in my shop — even if the end result wasn’t a usable motor a little fun might be had while searching for a better one. Wait not, want not. John had some Corvairs and so I went hunting. It was typical Texas shopping:

john's salvage seguin

Hunting Corvair Cores at John’s

not 911

Self Reliance

I went out back in the heat and started looking for the Corvairs — and I walked right past them. Several times. What a noob. But there were stacks of them:

Corvair Stacks at Johns

Corvairs Stacked Up at John’s Salvage

I started clambering onto the cars looking for hidden treasure.


Had found an engine I thought I could use. Went up to office and negotiated with John. “Can’t make any money on it for less than $350” he said. I’d been explaining the value of a siezed Corvair engine core. I looked at his grizzled face, totally white beard and bedraggled hair. This guy, I figured, and patrolled the jungles of Vietnam. I didn’t ask him, he could care less if I took the price or not. “You’ll pull it for $350?” “Yep.”