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cloud threat

I Imagine a golden age when you can fly on your own wings, soaring in all the seasons and at your whim into the deepest blue sky. Just so: In a ship I have built with my own hands I will take in the beauty of the clouds. If once seen only from the ground […]

CH750 Stabilizer and Elevator

I’d picked up the empennage, slats, and flaps — a whole crate of parts — in a kamikaze run to San Antonio April 1st. Governor Abbott had declared a statewide pseudo-shutdown a few days before. I simply could not handle my parts being “mothballed” in a warehouse for a month. I mean, that would seriously […]

Just worked on pulling the core apart. It’s difficult, lots of rust. Using multiple cans of penetrating oil. Engine serial No: T04I3RG, Heads S/N: 3856743. This identifies as a 1965-1969 95 HP Corvair engine core. Power washed. Removed sheet metal and accessories including carburetor and some vacuum lines.