Skip Rhudy

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I spent a little time this crazy-busy weekend building a parts rack so I can keep finished parts out of the way until assembly time. Just some two by fours, screws, and construction ties. You can’t really tell, but the part is leaning back a good 15 degrees or so. Not pictured is duct tape […]

Back on January 14th I ordered the CH750 Rudder Kit from Zenith. I’d bought the plans for the plane in November. I studied those for a while, thinking about scratch vs kit; and because I’d never worked on sheet metal before concluded a kit would be the best way for me to kickstart. When it […]

Wright brothers first flight

I It’s like this: 1) Physics tests airworthiness, 2) Airworthiness is a measure of craftsmanship, 3) Craftsmanship can be measured against aircraft construction standards. This was true for the Wright brothers and it was true for me and my Zenith CH750 project. The difference was that I was taking advantage of over one hundred years […]