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skip and sebastien

Sunday I started the 13 hour drive up to Mexico Missouri from Seguin. It was a trip long in the making, at least since 2005 when I first found out about them from an issue of EAA Sport Aviation. I got a ton of video and pictures, got to chat with Sebastien Heintz for twenty […]

Aircraft Wiring

During a brief vacation in late June I had opportunity to focus on the “learn” part of the EAA motto “Learn, Build, Fly”. I was at a spot in my CH750 STOL elevator build where it made sense to study up on aircraft wiring — which I knew next to nothing about. This was essentially […]

SPA Corvair Assembly Manual

Read chapter 2 of Aircraft Electrical and am zeroing in on how I want to connect my Ray Allen servo motor electric trim tab controller to the lead wires that go out to to the central part of the elevator. Think I’ve found the right crimp tool MS designator. Reviewed SPA Corvair Engine Manual on […]

Painted Cylinder

  Painted 3.0L Corvair cylinders: Fabricated cylinder painting blocks from 4″ PVC drain pipe (ala Billy Kerchner). Cut two sections about six to eight long, then squared up on the oscillating belt sander which was grand. During day painted all 3 right hand side cylinders. Acquired some cylinder hold down hardware at HD and engine […]

11:30am Today I ordered the last parts of the CH 750 kit (wings, fuel, fuselage, control, nav lights, dual stick, bubble doors). Slated for an August pickup at the factory. Requested a CH 750 STOL demo flight. That day is perfect, a Thursday, if raining maybe I can do a Friday morning ride. Definitely a […]

Zenith Workshops

Upcoming workshops at Zenith: January 24 and 25, 2020, Hosted by Wheels & Wings in Edgewater Florida, February 6 & 7, Zenith Aircraft factory Link to the fun

There are reasons that William Wynne strongly recommends trying to find a rotating core. I’ve had a rotating core in the past. And I disassembled it. It was quite usable in all the ways: From the crankshaft to the cylinders and to all the other ancillary stuff. But I wound up giving it away. With […]

Fifty-plus year old Corvair motors can clean up real nice, but it does take work, and in this case considerable work. Here is the beginning of the beginning once TZero had been trailered home. Initial spray down: TZero gets his first washdown.  

john's salvage seguin

I I headed out to John’s Salvage just south of Seguin Texas in search of a useable Corvair engine that I could rebuild into an experimental aircraft engine. I had called John, and he’d said that he had about 30 Corvairs left that still had engines. However he added that all the engines that you’d […]