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Worked on my slats. The parts supplied are different than the drawings. In particular the slat support piece which is shaped differently, and the skin has two slots instead of one. I’d looked at the plans carefully and looked at the parts, and figured and scratched my head about how to make the L-angle properly. […]

SPA Corvair Assembly Manual

Read chapter 2 of Aircraft Electrical and am zeroing in on how I want to connect my Ray Allen servo motor electric trim tab controller to the lead wires that go out to to the central part of the elevator. Think I’ve found the right crimp tool MS designator. Reviewed SPA Corvair Engine Manual on […]

700am Refined and renamed story on home page and retitled to “A Micro History of Corvair Flight Engines”. Need a way to do bibliography stuff at bottom of page. Lunch Brief talk with William Wynne clarifying Corvair / CH 750 development and connotations about the idea that Corvair engine mold technology was due to German […]

11:30am Today I ordered the last parts of the CH 750 kit (wings, fuel, fuselage, control, nav lights, dual stick, bubble doors). Slated for an August pickup at the factory. Requested a CH 750 STOL demo flight. That day is perfect, a Thursday, if raining maybe I can do a Friday morning ride. Definitely a […]

nas3 not for corvair anymore

William Wynne has produced a great new reference page for Corvair flight engine carbs moving forward. While the Stromberg NAS3 used to be desirable for use on Corvair powered planes (and still may be fine for certain older installations), rebuild problems and parts issues have caused recommendations to change. Manage your risk. Read this: 2020 […]

There are reasons that William Wynne strongly recommends trying to find a rotating core. I’ve had a rotating core in the past. And I disassembled it. It was quite usable in all the ways: From the crankshaft to the cylinders and to all the other ancillary stuff. But I wound up giving it away. With […]

Fifty-plus year old Corvair motors can clean up real nice, but it does take work, and in this case considerable work. Here is the beginning of the beginning once TZero had been trailered home. Initial spray down: TZero gets his first washdown.  

Once the guys at John’s Salvage had pulled the core for me I took my garden trailer over to the junkyard. I found two guys struggling to put a chain onto the motor so they could put it in my trailer. I got them to stop what they were doing and brought my trusty hand […]

9:00am I got out to John’s Salvage Yard in Seguin looking for a Corvair core. I had found some cores a decade ago — and had pulled them apart successfully. But those I’d given away for next to nothing. Craigslist was coming up cold, as was facebook. I did want to get moving on a […]