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Corvair Short Block

I puzzled over it. I looked at the way the chain hooked onto the two eye bolts screwed into the top of the engine cover. How it looped through the crane hook. I jacked up TZero and twisted her this way and that, slithered her around, but no joy — no joy. I could not […]

I spent a little time this crazy-busy weekend building a parts rack so I can keep finished parts out of the way until assembly time. Just some two by fours, screws, and construction ties. You can’t really tell, but the part is leaning back a good 15 degrees or so. Not pictured is duct tape […]

There are reasons that William Wynne strongly recommends trying to find a rotating core. I’ve had a rotating core in the past. And I disassembled it. It was quite usable in all the ways: From the crankshaft to the cylinders and to all the other ancillary stuff. But I wound up giving it away. With […]

1:00pm After finding a core for my Corvair CH750 project out at the junkyard, where I sweated in the September heat and was scratched all over by thorny brush, I headed over to the Pioneer Flight Museum, twelve minutes away from my house: Old Kingsbury Aerodrome. It happened to be volunteer day and I met […]

john's salvage seguin

I I headed out to John’s Salvage just south of Seguin Texas in search of a useable Corvair engine that I could rebuild into an experimental aircraft engine. I had called John, and he’d said that he had about 30 Corvairs left that still had engines. However he added that all the engines that you’d […]