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corvair maintenance operations and procedures

You can always go hunt down a Corvair core motor, scavenge the internet for information, tear down your core and find parts that you think will work for you. Put it all together according to the best information you can find for free — and then you can figure out some kind of firewall forward […]

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck

It was the first day of January, 2020. Back in August, 2019, I’d found myself sitting on a horse in a cold, driving rain. We were on top of a barren hill in the Scottish Highlands. A singularly unprepared Texan, I wore only a light rain jacket, a t-shirt, jeans, and “waterproof” riding boots. They […]

There is really only one way to get finished: Make a plan and execute. Turn the TV off, go to the shop. Learn, build, fly: Thought for the Day: Your 2020 Aviation Ambitions

Good friends come to help out. There’s a necessary spirit of this in homebuilding in general. I think some people have paid into the system and it’s time they reap some of that back. This is a good example of that principle well applied: New Hangar Roof — The great fortune of good friends

Corvair head bolt nut about to be heated with flame

V It was a tough Corvair core. At one time I’d had three, but I’d sold them for a pittance. The first one I’d disassembled came apart with relative ease, almost as though it had been pulled from a running car for an overhaul. I had reasons: “I’ll never fly again.” “I’ll never build a […]

corvair parts for air conversion

I love air powered tools. In my little airplane single engine land construction hanger, when I fired up the air wrench, that inimitable sound meant one thing: Making progress toward an ambitious goal of flying the United States. As many States as I could. In an aircraft I had built myself. Low. And slow. Like, […]