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Painted Cylinder

  Painted 3.0L Corvair cylinders: Fabricated cylinder painting blocks from 4″ PVC drain pipe (ala Billy Kerchner). Cut two sections about six to eight long, then squared up on the oscillating belt sander which was grand. During day painted all 3 right hand side cylinders. Acquired some cylinder hold down hardware at HD and engine […]

Trim Tab

Morning Trim tab hole cleaned up. Tested fitting of the servo control arm with the hinge piece that attaches to the trim tab. Made sure it moved 40 degrees down and 20 degrees up. Started cleaning cylinders. Noticed that machining for 3.0L had reduced bottom cylinder step to ~ 1mm in some locations around the […]

11:30am Today I ordered the last parts of the CH 750 kit (wings, fuel, fuselage, control, nav lights, dual stick, bubble doors). Slated for an August pickup at the factory. Requested a CH 750 STOL demo flight. That day is perfect, a Thursday, if raining maybe I can do a Friday morning ride. Definitely a […]

kit in trailer

I I’d ordered the horizontal stabilizer kit, the slats kit, and the flaperons kit from Zenith right before I drove out to Green Cove Springs to meet William Wynne. I got an email from Zenith proclaiming my kits had been shipped and would arrive late March / early April. Then, on March 13th, Texas Governor […]

I spent a little time this crazy-busy weekend building a parts rack so I can keep finished parts out of the way until assembly time. Just some two by fours, screws, and construction ties. You can’t really tell, but the part is leaning back a good 15 degrees or so. Not pictured is duct tape […]