Skip Rhudy

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Larry Nelson, who flies a Corvair powered Zenith 601-HDS tail dragger, is working on a lower budget Corvair flight engine build. You can follow his progress on his youtube channel. Here is the first video installment for it:

Just worked on pulling the core apart. It’s difficult, lots of rust. Using multiple cans of penetrating oil. Engine serial No: T04I3RG, Heads S/N: 3856743. This identifies as a 1965-1969 95 HP Corvair engine core. Power washed. Removed sheet metal and accessories including carburetor and some vacuum lines.

Once the guys at John’s Salvage had pulled the core for me I took my garden trailer over to the junkyard. I found two guys struggling to put a chain onto the motor so they could put it in my trailer. I got them to stop what they were doing and brought my trusty hand […]