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I once watched a comedy film that had a scene where two people climb into a convertible sports car. An utterly cavalier man with a ridiculous thin-line mustache and a comical French accent turns to the passenger and says: “The first rule of driving is that what is behind you does not matter!” He then […]

Corvair Piston / Cylinder

I spent a fair bit of time reviewing the SPA Corvair Engine Assembly Manual before setting to work on assembling the pistons / rods / rings / cylinders. I reread the main section multiple times. It wasn’t like work, but it was not as fun and putting the instructions and theory into practice a few […]

CH 750 Hardware

I quickly realized I had no idea how to sort through the hundreds of  bolts, nuts, washers, and other pieces that are part of the hardware holding a CH 750 together. On the wall hung a caliper accurate to 1000ths of an inch, and tape measures galore in my toolbox. I had to repeatedly hit […]

Corvair Short Block

I puzzled over it. I looked at the way the chain hooked onto the two eye bolts screwed into the top of the engine cover. How it looped through the crane hook. I jacked up TZero and twisted her this way and that, slithered her around, but no joy — no joy. I could not […]

Back on January 14th I ordered the CH750 Rudder Kit from Zenith. I’d bought the plans for the plane in November. I studied those for a while, thinking about scratch vs kit; and because I’d never worked on sheet metal before concluded a kit would be the best way for me to kickstart. When it […]

Larry Nelson will be representing Corvair engine options for builders at the Copper State Fly-in this coming weekend February 6 to 9. He will have William Wynne manuals of various sorts and other information and conduct some seminars / talks about Corvair engines: Copperstate Fly in Feb. 6-9, Buckeye AZ.

Stick And Rudder an explanation of the art of flying

William Wynne produced a nice short and pithy video considering what the experience of homebuilding does or might do for the homebuilder, in the broader context of the meaningfulness of their time here: Homebuilt Travels  

corvair air fuel gauge

William Wynne talks up the merits of using a high quality air fuel ratio gauge for engine management / monitoring: Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

corvair maintenance operations and procedures

You can always go hunt down a Corvair core motor, scavenge the internet for information, tear down your core and find parts that you think will work for you. Put it all together according to the best information you can find for free — and then you can figure out some kind of firewall forward […]

nas3 not for corvair anymore

William Wynne has produced a great new reference page for Corvair flight engine carbs moving forward. While the Stromberg NAS3 used to be desirable for use on Corvair powered planes (and still may be fine for certain older installations), rebuild problems and parts issues have caused recommendations to change. Manage your risk. Read this: 2020 […]