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Corvair Piston / Cylinder

I spent a fair bit of time reviewing the SPA Corvair Engine Assembly Manual before setting to work on assembling the pistons / rods / rings / cylinders. I reread the main section multiple times. It wasn’t like work, but it was not as fun and putting the instructions and theory into practice a few […]

CH 750 Hardware

I quickly realized I had no idea how to sort through the hundreds of  bolts, nuts, washers, and other pieces that are part of the hardware holding a CH 750 together. On the wall hung a caliper accurate to 1000ths of an inch, and tape measures galore in my toolbox. I had to repeatedly hit […]

Corvair Short Block

I puzzled over it. I looked at the way the chain hooked onto the two eye bolts screwed into the top of the engine cover. How it looped through the crane hook. I jacked up TZero and twisted her this way and that, slithered her around, but no joy — no joy. I could not […]


I had a lot of fun working on the stabilizer and finishing it out. I did the rudder first, but this is the first part I did after a kamikaze run to San Antonio on April Fool’s Day to get my crated empennage parts before a state shutdown (I thought) would trap them at the […]

kit in trailer

I I’d ordered the horizontal stabilizer kit, the slats kit, and the flaperons kit from Zenith right before I drove out to Green Cove Springs to meet William Wynne. I got an email from Zenith proclaiming my kits had been shipped and would arrive late March / early April. Then, on March 13th, Texas Governor […]

Wright brothers first flight

I It’s like this: 1) Physics tests airworthiness, 2) Airworthiness is a measure of craftsmanship, 3) Craftsmanship can be measured against aircraft construction standards. This was true for the Wright brothers and it was true for me and my Zenith CH750 project. The difference was that I was taking advantage of over one hundred years […]

11:45am Looks like the Zenith CH750 rudder kit is just about to be delivered. Corvair750 airframe build is just about to start: 3:00pm 4:30pm The Zenith CH750 Rudder has arrived, and well packed. This ought to be a fun weekend. First Patty Griffin, then Rudder!