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If you are interested in experimental aviation at all, then you should get a kick out of (and more importantly learn a lot from) William’s many essays. I’ll provide a few links here. His importance in making converted Corvair engines a reliable and relatively low risk and low cost option for powering aircraft CANNOT be overstated. I make my living making sure software has high quality. William is dedicated to testing all his ideas on the ground and then in flight, constantly looking for how to break not just the parts but the system as a whole. William’s adherence to this testing principal is THE critical factor of why I am drawn to building a Corvair. I identify very strongly with this approach to machinery — either the flying or the computing kind. If you are working on a Corvair engine for your airplane, and you have not looked into William’s work, then you are making a possibly life altering (or ending) mistake. Let William help you:

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