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The Zenith Factory. These guys have been around since 1992, but Chris Heintz, the founder, started manufacturing aircraft kit in his two car garage in 1974. I was a whole 13 years old back then, spending all of my time in the water surfing or on the beach pining after girls. I’m glad someone did something useful toward my future aviation life back then. Here’s some starting links to look into Zenith. When I was first looking into kit aircraft ca. 2006, Zenith immediately popped onto my radar. I was very, very interested in both the 601 and 701. I favored the STOL. After discovering Corvair, I really had to think about it. First, I felt that building your own aircraft really should involve building your own engine. More on that elsewhere. Second, I was smitten by STOL, but the Corvair was outside the standard engine weight limits for the 701. I did not know at the time, but in secret meetings William Wynne and Zenair were working out the details of how the new Zenith CH750 could utilize a Corvair engine. Once I saw the CH750 unveiled, and noticed right away that it was designed to allow engines in the weight class of the Corvair hooked onto the front end, I was sold. Even if I didn’t immediately buy.

Zenith CH750

Zenith Aircraft History